Enhance The Value Of Your Home With Easy Installation

There’s an easy and affordable way to upgrade your home today – installing a stair railing. Wood and Stain Inc. offers homeowners the perfect finishing touch for updating their interior spaces, adding value to their home in the process. We have a team of expert installers who use their extensive experience in different building types and styles to ensure that each job is done perfectly.

With Wood and Stain Inc., you can trust that your stair railing has been safely and securely assembled with the utmost attention to detail. Don’t wait any longer – transform your home now with Wood and Stain Inc.’s easy stair railing installation solution!


The Importance Of Stair Railings

Stair railings add to the overall look and appeal of your home, creating a safe and inviting place. Whether they are made of wood, glass, metal or other materials, they can bring a unique touch to any space. From a purely aesthetic point of view, their sleek lines and curves catch the eye in pleasant ways.

Furthermore, railings also provide stability on stairs which is essential for safety reasons. Installing them can easily update an older looking stairwell while bringing minimalist beauty as well as practicality into your home.

Consider adding stair railings to your next home improvement project and see how they can take your home’s design skills to the next level.

Choosing The Right Style

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to railing styles for homes. With so many options available, it’s important to consider multiple factors such as the overall home aesthetic, materials used in construction, location of the stairs, durability requirements and budget. Homeowners looking for safety and peace of mind may opt for stronger materials like wood or wrought iron while modern designs call attention to artistic elements with decorative posts, handrails and accents. With some creativity and an eye towards stability and durability, you can find a custom railing solution that fits your specific needs.



Wood and Stain Inc. offers a variety of stair railing installation services including wood, wrought iron, stainless steel, cable railings and more. We can help with both interior and exterior applications to meet your design preferences.

The timeline for installing a stair railing will depend on the type of railing chosen as well as the complexity of the project. On average, an interior wood railings project can take between 1-3 days while an exterior aluminum or wrought iron railings project can require up to 5 days or more in some cases depending on the amount of custom work that’s needed. Either way, our railing installers always get the job in a timely manner, keeping you updated on timelines throughout the process.
The type of maintenance required will depend on the materials used to construct the railing. For example, wood railings may need sanding and regular treatments with sealant or paint in order to protect the surface from moisture, warping and fading due to direct sunlight exposure. Metal railings such as stainless steel or aluminum are known for their strength and low-maintenance requirements but may still require occasional cleaning with mild detergents and water to remove dirt buildup over time.

Our Services

We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding craftsmanship when it comes to hardwood floor and stair renovation. Our expert team will ensure your project is completed with precision and attention to detail. From installation and sanding, to finishing and refinishing, we offer a comprehensive range of services that can meet all of your needs.

Instantly Transform Your Home With The Perfect Stairs

Are your stairs looking dull, outdated, and in need of a refresh? We provide comprehensive stair installation and refinishing services to transform your staircase from ordinary to extraordinary! Our experienced team of experts will analyze your space, provide cost-efficient solutions, and guide you through the entire process so your stairs are safe and beautiful. By customizing our services to meet the unique needs of each customer, we guarantee satisfaction! Take the first step towards restoring the beauty of your staircase today by contacting us today.